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The BeachGroomer is a portable and enviormentally friendlly lake weed control system propelled by water pressure from a lawn pump.  The BeachGroomer  arms rotate to clean your swimming area of lake weeds and sediment.  Its durable PVC arms with galvanized chains slowly turn and churn in a 16 foot diameter to clear muck and aquatic plants from the lake bottom.  Often in a matter of hours. Because there is only one moving part on the BeachGroomer, it is a very reliable lake weed removal device when it comes to automated lake weed removal devices.  The BeachGroomer is the way to go.

Don’t go through another summer complaining about those nasty lake weeds. Turn that weedy, mucky, beach into a sandy beach you and the kids will want to use.

Unlike our competitors, the Weedroller and the LakeMaid,  the BeachGroomer is the only portable lake weed control device on the market.

For further information go to: www.beachgroomer.com