22438 Old 59 Road
Pelican Rapids, MN 56572-7142

Moving your boat lift is now a one-person job!

Smart Jack utilizes easy-to-install adjustable "stilts" that receive heavy-duty plastic wheels.  Once installed, the lift owner can raise the boat lift with a cordless drill or a wrench, making the lift easy to roll in or out.  Then, you just lower the Smarte jacks and the lift will sit flat.  You can turn that lift into a roller without any problem.

"Never feel stuck with a fixed-foot boat lift with Smarte Jack"

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Smarte Jack kit includes:
*One pair of jacks raise or lower with a wrench or cordless drill; 18" adjustability 
*Mounting hardware to fit most boat lifts and installation is a snap. 
*Heavy-duty aluminum construction; 700lb capacity. 
*For use with optional wheels (sold separately).