22438 Old 59 Road
Pelican Rapids, MN 56572-7142
Because of high turnover our inventory may have changed.  Please call for quotes on all used items.  
Thank you!!
#U15127 Bob's 3600 x 120" Cantilevered pontoon lift with flat aluminum bunks and wood guides.  AC Lift Mate consignment $1,595.00 
#U15035 Dock Rite 2596 Aluminum Boat Lift with pivot bunks $1095.00
#U12068 Newman 2000x96 Boat Lift with DC Winch, wheels and a 20' canopy.  Great for a small fishing boat!  
#U16116  Porta Lift 2000x113" Pontoon lift, full length bunks, manual winch $1,095.00  
#U16030 Bob's Steel narrow pontoon lift, AC Dutton Lainson Winch $275.00
#U16138 Bob's 25120 Pontoon lift $899.00